This page discusses the technical details about this website. It covers the technology stack I used, as well as the philosophy behind the site design.

Static Site

This website is built with 11ty, a static site generator (SSG) written in Javascript. Static sites load faster than blogging platforms like Wordpress. They are more secure too; there's no attack surface of a login page for people to gain access.

I chose 11ty for its flexibility and wide plugin ecosystem. Previously, I tried other SSGs such as Hugo and Jekyll, but I felt they were too rigid. They expect you to conform to their directory structure, and I don't want to build them from source just to extend their functionality.

Some cool 11ty plugins I used are:

  • eleventy-sass and eleventy-plugin-rev (SCSS support and hashed asset filenames)
  • @11ty/eleventy-img (Image transformations and optimizations)

(I will update this list as the website evolves.)

You can view the source code here.


This website is hosted on Gitlab Pages. It's extremely easy to set up CI/CD on a Gitlab Pages website, and I can customize when new deployments are created.

For example, I use the Conventional Commits specification for all my Git commits. Whenever I create a commit title with the type deploy, the site is built and updated. So a commit like this will trigger a deployment:

deploy: Add new blog post

What I Track

I'm a privacy-conscious person, and I treat every user of this website as if they were myself.

There are no analytics/tracking on this website, and no advertisements either.

I don't have a commenting system like Disqus or They add too much bloat to the website, and distract from reading the content. If you have any comments or questions about the content on this site, feel free to send me an email.